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When you first see the name “Just B. Jordan” it looks…different. A little odd. So why did I choose it as a pen name? Well, from the time I started writing I knew I wanted to use a pen name. I didn’t like the idea of my real name floating around in cyber space, I guess.

I also wanted a name that would catch people’s attention and that would(hopefully) be remembered. Being remembered is kind of important with thousands upon thousands of books being released every year. But sadly my real name isn’t very memorable.

I knew I still wanted to incorporate my first and middle name into my pen name, though. I kept coming up with ideas, and none of them were very good. I didn’t know what I was going to end up using. Then one morning my mom hunted me down and said that she had woken up in the middle of the night with an idea: Just B. Jordan. (I had always been worried about being myself around people, so my mom would say “Just be Jordan!”)

The pen name uses my real name and my middle initial “B”, so I feel like it is still my name, with a twist. I too thought it was a little odd for a pen name, at first. It quickly grew on me and…well, it stuck.

Call me Jordan or call me Just. Either works fine. :)

Just B. Jordan is a high fantasy author. She graduated high school a year early and received her first publishing contract at the age of 18. Never To Live is her first novel. Find it here.

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  1. Ophelia - Marie Flowers

    What a neat idea! :D Your pen name really stands out in a good way. :) I don’t often pay attention to author names (bad I know ;) ) unless I already love their book, or their name is interesting. Your book’s title, cover, and description combined with your pen name really make for an eye catching book. A friend of mine marked it as ‘To Read’ on Goodreads and several clicks of interest later, here I am at your blog! I hope your book is successful! Always nice to see a young author getting published. ^_^

    ~Ophelia – Marie

  2. Just B. Jordan

    Thank you! It’s good to know that the book catches interest. That’s what I was hoping for. ;) I don’t normally notice author’s names, either. Definitely a bad habit!

    And I love the name Ophelia, by the way. (I’m a fan of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.) :)

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