My Dragons and Me

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My Dragons and Me

I commissioned this piece of art from Melissa B. Norland, a fantastic artist I have the joy of knowing personally. The image represents myself with a western dragon on my hand and an eastern dragon at my side.

The dragons in my story world aren’t nearly so friendly with people as these guys are. It might be because these two are still babies and have imprinted on me. I’ll try to raise them properly and keep them out of trouble. ;)

I will be using this art in some future projects, so you will be seeing it around. :)

There are two versions. One with inked lines and flat color, and the other with the inked lines changed to color.

The inked lines make the image pop more, especially on a white background. But the colored lines bring the image a step closer to reality and give the image a more whimsical look.

Which one do you prefer? I’d love to hear your opinion, because I have to decide which one I’m using in a certain project!











Just B. Jordan is a high fantasy author. She graduated high school a year early and received her first publishing contract at the age of 18. Never To Live is her first novel. Find it here.

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  1. Just B. Jordan

    Yes, Melissa did a great job! I’m glad people are liking it. :) I’ll probably end up using both versions for different things, depending on the feel I’m going for.

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