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What am I working on now? My second full-length novel is completed and has just begun its second round of professional edits! I’ll let you take a look. ;)
This is To Ashes We Run.


    THEY said he was the demon-izdihar. Dieon only saw a dwarf burning alive.

….The plague creeped over Dieon’s skin and through his body. He did not know when his saber had fallen from his hand, or when his knees had found the sand. Teema lay dead beside him. The plague had already taken her, as it was now overcoming Dieon.

….His vision was failing, but he could still see the flames. They flickered and grew until their liquid color consumed everything. There was no sky with its thousand lights, no shifting sands of Eljihatt, no witch watching her prey burn.

….Flames. Heat. The plague.

….Dieon was not going to make it back to his clan. All the struggles they had surpassed…and he was leaving them—leaving Saqr—under the doom of their curse.

….The fire, so bright a moment ago, was dark and muddled. He could no longer feel its heat or hear its roar. The form of the demon-izdihar ceased to writhe in its midst.

….Dieon dragged another breath through failing lungs. He could not see…could not breathe.

….He thought he had died. It was strange to feel his very self pull away from his body. And yet he was not formless—something was giving him shape, as if a multitude of thoughts held him, kept him.

….Then they left. His mind was his own again, but only for a moment.

….There was another here now. There were no words, no emotions shared, just a sense of otherness. Dieon’s thoughts began to slip. He was being pushed away, rejected by his own flesh.

….No, by the one who now owned his body.

….The dwarf was gone. Adisa the demon-izdihar had taken Dieon’s form for his own.


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