3 Quotes from Never To Live

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3 Quotes from Never To Live Here are three of my personal favorite lines from Never To Live. :) Just B. Jordan Just B. Jordan is a high fantasy author. She graduated high school a year early and received her … Continued

Never To Live Prologue

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Never To Live Prologue How Easy To Fall   Demon blood stained him. Bledrin ripped off his outer robe, dropping it to the sand behind him. Ryuo landed, quickly leaping to elven form and dropping his own robe. Bledrin did … Continued

Pen Name

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When you first see the name “Just B. Jordan” it looks…different. A little odd. So why did I choose it as a pen name? Well, from the time I started writing I knew I wanted to use a pen name. … Continued


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My publisher gave me the option of hiring a professional to create the map for my book, or take the first shot at it myself. Now, I’m one of those ‘software challenged’ people. I have to have step-by-step directions to … Continued


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This is the official cover of Never To Live. The first draft was quite different. It was amazing artwork but it portrayed Elwyn, the protagonist, in a much different light. Elwyn’s personality is fragmented into multiple parts, and the ‘fragment’, … Continued

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