#WIPjoy Week Two – Sept. 2016

#WIPjoy Week Two


This is a compilation of my second week of Work in Progress Joy, September 2016.

Day 8: Name something experienced with each sense in your WIP.

#WIPjoy Week Two - Sept. 2016Fire. Its liquid color and crackling song. The taste of smoke and the stench of burning flesh. An agony well remembered.


Day 10: Share a line you love about a setting.

A layer of sand covered the floor. Transparent partitions hung in the archways, tattered and choked with dust.


Protagonist takeover week! Days 11-17 are answered in the protagonists words. (Fun stuff!)


Day 11 BONUS: Introduce your protagonist!

I am Dieon. Honored to…this artist depicted me as mischievous. And rich. Wait, is this a bounty poster?

*I can’t post the photo on my site for copyright reasons, but here’s a link to the image*

Despite this portrayal, I am neither mischievous or rich. I have been told I am too honest to have humor, and I am sand poor.


Day 11: Share a deep regret.

SandI did not see that the desert had broken him. He became a murderer because he turned me into a god when I…I am not.


Day 12: How do you really feel about a character closest to you?

They say I should hate him. But I have felt his torment as my own. You cannot hate someone you have shared that with.


Day 13: Weapon of choice?

Everyone of the Jaakan tribe wields a saber. I wear mine, but I have not used it since the war.


Day 14: How do you feel about romance?

Is it romance? I want to be around her. I have proposed twice. She says it is impossible with the curse. That is fine; she is still here.


Are you participating in WIPjoy? Let me know!


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